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Selling Your Boat

Our team of experts offer a premium level of service combined with industry-leading positioning and marketing.

An established brand

Trusted Heritage

At Parkstone Bay Yachts, we pride ourselves on not only giving you the best customer service but also on providing your boat with the highest level of exposure both locally and globally in order to find the right buyer, wherever they may be…

Why choose us

As a reputable brokerage with 20 years of experience, our brokerage has the standing within the international and local market to attract buyers, and our experienced brokers will attain the right price for you.

Parkstone Bay Yachts duty of care entails acting in our client’s best interest, providing professional advice, and ensuring a smooth and transparent selling process. Our brokers will assist you in setting a fair price, marketing the boat effectively, and handling negotiations with potential buyers.

We maintain accurate documentation throughout the sale, including contracts, title transfers, surveys, and any other necessary paperwork to protect our client’s interest and ensure a legally sound transaction.

As the only brokerage in the area with a high-traffic onshore dedicated sales pontoon, you can take advantage of increased visibility and exposure to potential buyers. Open seven days a week, our sales display acts as a permanent boat show to prospects.

As a brokerage, we have employed extensive marketing strategies reaching across all platforms to efficiently ensure that the right buyers are seeing your boat. Our brokers emphasise the importance of engaging listings, with high quality media and detailed descriptions, enticing buyers into arranging a viewing.

We pride ourselves on providing clear and concise information about fees and commission, professional handing of documentation and legal processes, and thorough client account financial security to provide peace of mind throughout the sales process.

The right choice

Selling with us

Selling your vessel is not as simple as listing and waiting for the right buyer. Each vessel has unique needs throughout the selling process and here at Parkstone Bay Yachts we are fortunate to have the facilities to cater to such requirements.

Listing Benefits

We offer sellers the convenience of on-site storage in our secure and easily accessible facilities. This is an excellent option as it allows for regular maintenance to be carried out and it enables our brokers to carry out viewings on-site. Storage charges are at a preferential rate to clients of Parkstone Bay Yachts.

Maintaining your vessels appearance and functionality will always reap rewards when it comes to selling. Therefore, we recommend all clients have their vessel valeted prior to listing. That is why we offer valeting to all our clients which can be carried out on-site without delaying the selling process.

The inherent nature of owning, selling, and transferring a vessel calls for an array of services. From launching for a sea trial, to lifting onto transportation, we are fortunate to be partnered with Parkstone Bay Marina that offer us priority and exclusive rates on such requirements.

Our on-site tenants consist of engineers, riggers, chandlers and all other aspects of vessel repair and maintenance, enabling our clients to have required works carried out with ease.

Arrange a market appraisal

If you are interested in selling your boat, we can provide you with a free valuation.