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RM Yachts UK

The RM’s are exclusive boats which offer a number of advantages. Their ambition is to give the best level possible in four key areas: speed, well being, respect for the environment and design.


RM Yachts

RM Yachts were founded in 1989 by Jean-Claude Oudry. They immediately caught the eyes of the media and many sailors with their innovative construction, high sailing speeds and their incredibly light and spacious living environment.

From the very beginning, they have crafted their boats using epoxy impregnated marine ply with an internal galvanized steel structure. This tried and tested method creates an extremely strong, and yet light weight hull. Boasting all the benefits of the wood in areas such as humidity, insulation and environmental consideration, and yet the low hassle and ease of up keep of any glass boat.

In 1995 they took onboard the infamous racing yacht designer Marc Lombard who kept the essence of the company and created 2 more size ranges. The 800 and later the 1050 which was quickly named “yacht of the year”.

As the boats grew in popularity, so did the range. The introduction of the 1060 and later the 1260 saw yet another surge of media interest and another award. The prestigious “European Yacht of the Year.”

Now in their present day they are arguable one of the most eye catching, comfortable and fastest boats in their class. Designed for fast ocean cruising you can customize your boat with a choice of single, twin or pivot lifting keels, single or double rudders and an infinite choice of colours. Their hard chines, reversed bow and outspread stern make for some incredible, fast and stable sailing. On deck, their cutter rig with storm jib or stay sail set up maximizes the sail performance and allows for ease of use in flexible conditions. And finally, down below their forward facing saloon window, combined with a very modern, spacious and classy finish create an environment far away from the claustrophobic dark woods of yesteryear.

There are now 5 sizes to choose from in the range. The 890, 970, 1070, 1270 and 1370.

Parkstone Bay Yachts is the sole agent for RM in the UK and Ireland.

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